Saturday, July 17, 2010


12, 13 ,14 ,15 and 16 July of 2010. I had a lot of fun. I meet new friends, a lots of new international friends, i develop new skills, I gain more confidence, I get more knowledge, I feel more superior, I weigh more, I am thankful.Soaring The Eagle or STE for short is the Petronas Scholar programme that specifically composed to develop the scholars inner self. What I mean by inner self is the mindset and self management.

I had great time with all of the Samba 5 group. Never before I had the indoor programme like this that I really enjoy very much and if possible I don't want to let go. But life must go on. Our target is still far from reach. Our time, Insyaallah is still long. Our studies have not yet to be finished.

In a nutshell I can say that the STE programmed do develop if not many, some of my leadership skills, socializing skills, and also communication skills with fellow people around me. And I have to thanks the Joyful Mr. Jalil and also the Robust Mrs. Rohannie. At some part of the programme I sort of though they were my second parents. Although I did not shine like big glossy pearl in a clear seawater, I have the feeling that they are very much close to me as well as others members of Samba 5. And for that, I THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART.

Joyful Jalil :)

Robust Rohannie :)

Probably bored with my writing, probably we should enjoy the photo. Shall we?

p/s: Bahasa mode turn back on :)
p/s: see you guys back at campus!
p/s: hope i can practice all that i learned :)


  1. workshops are always fun =)

  2. hey.. hey.. ni ur goup je kan??
    ada other group of scholars utp en?? cz x kan sket sgt lol..
    2 la.. anif.. u shld sosialize,...

  3. pija: this is second group out of third of the 3rd batch. so actually ramai jugak scholar.