Thursday, September 20, 2012

slacking off...


It's been a week since i set sailed at home. So far i've gained weight, lose them again and pretty much that's it. Because i have spent more than half a year studying, now it's pay back time. So what did i do on daily basis you say? Well, my daily routine begin with a Subuh Prayer, then followed by a 'short' nap until the afternoon. Woke up, find something to eat, clean up the mattress, take a shower, and had my Zuhur Prayer. Then i go and have my lunch, get back, watch some japanese drama, download more(maybe when im around we can finally reach that 40GB bandwidth. haha), and at evening, if it wasn't raining, i get on my Adimana and have couple of round at MPSJ stadium. Return, had a shower, Magrib prayers, Eat, finally watch some real life news, get back to watching drama and then at 1 a.m, get back to sleep.

and that's my friend, the real definition of Holiday. haha

Yea i know, i'm wasting my time and energy when im suppose to get out, have a job, earning money, make new friends, learn how brute is the real world out there. But unfortunately, that's all have to wait until next week. Im planning on having an Island vacation but due to the Monsoon, it might be cancelled off. So the next best thing is backpacking!!!!!!! This time, ill do it for sure!

Backpacking first and then i'll start to look for a job. Probably not an office job, but a rather technical one. But looking at my lack of skills, i'm not sure i can lay off on any job, but no hurt in trying right?

p/s: Wish me luck :,)

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