Sunday, September 2, 2012

Craving ends with this.

Happy early 21st anniversary to me.

With this special occasion, i got the best present from myself to me :) 

a German made WWII Military Aviator B-UHR Flieger Watch.

(don't mind the background. taken on top of mechanical engineering design book. I was in a middle of studying session lol!)

and starting today onward i'll be starting a quest on collecting time pieces. Now i've own 4! 

 The Timex Expedition. Taken from my father since my watch is broken. from 2007 i think. Still looking good, ive changed the strap with a bond nato strap which came together with the earlier watch. and my god it looks nice.

 My first ever online transaction, my first ever digital watch, my first watch to be bought by myself. New Casio SDB-100-3A. A truly faithful jogging/ swimming companion. Unfortunately, the band has already wear a bit. see the dark spot there. erghhh. Bought around this time, last year(2011)

 An Alain Delon Active Chronograph. First ever chronograph. and first metal bracelet too.(just saying ;B ) This actually was not on the plan at all. Although i did put a wishlist for a chronograph earlier this year. Won this from a f1 racing (simulator) competition during F1 this year. around March 2012. Lucky me.

 And there's my first pilot. A classic pilot. Many consideration was put into this. Initially i has my eyes on other watches like the Timex and Seiko. But after a while the pilot simplicity design caught my eyes and bam! i put an order for it.

Looks so much better on a leather strap :>

There you go, my early anniversary gift. If you want to give more gift u're more than welcome. hehehehe. Hope you enjoy watching. :)

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