Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last word

Hey guys, just a short post.

I'll be departing to USIM, Nilai tomorrow morning for our Robocon 2011 competition which will officially start on Tuesday. Today will be the last day we practice the robots in the lab and tomorrow we will be at Nilai and preparing all the stuff for the competition.

If you haven't notice, it has been a year since i joined Petrobot and the robocon team. Approximately a year have gone, and honestly i think we still have a long way to go before the competition but InsyaAllah i hope for the best in both team(Primax and Syntium). We have come far, a year of preparation, short semester break, and all those sacrifices we have done, and now it is time for us to shine, to show how much effort we have put into.

Do pray for us, for our team to be a great success. InsyaAllah we will do our best at the competition. I really hope people can send me text messages saying good luck and stuff because let me assure you, you'll make my day. Pray that one week later i will return and write some good report about our competition.

Struggling till the end.

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