Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good July

target PR for this month : 3m/s
challenges to do this month: measure the longest track for running.

Oh and if you still didn't know, i'm going to be having my robocon competition this upcoming 13th July to 19 July. So a year of preparation and here we are very close to the competition. and i'm hoping for the best from two of our teams :)

The morning weather is awfully bad but hey, the day just got started.


  1. wahhhh robocon! mcm cool jeeeeee, heee

    competition dy pasal pe.

  2. serious aku takut dynamics ohhhh:((

    bila ambek masa short sem sgtlah stressful


  3. roboco as the name says, building a robot. hehe. educational term bermaksud mngapply kan ilmu statics dynamics and material mechanics. cewah. haha. alah mcm main lego :)

    work hard and pray hard. InsyaAllah smua okay.