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oleh sebab topik ni agak serius, rasanya lebih baik kalau guna bahasa yang semua orang boleh paham ye tak?


If you happen to be a UTPian at heart you must have known about the issue of Utusan blaming UTP students for pulling a prank on the "Salam perantauan" column where Malaysian student from abroad send their photos as a reminder, an expression of their feeling for not able to get home as they might have exam or other important activities or probably a money issue. So what's the big Issue here?

This is how the story goes. Once upon a time, UTPian, a creative and brave one indeed, send a group photo of one of the batch in UTP in complete Hari Raya shirt and baju kurung to one of the famous Newspaper in Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia.

Not so long after that, utpian facebook have been flooded with photo's, blogpost about the sensational topic when the photo was successfully being printed in one of the Hari Raya issue. It was a major victory for most of us Utpian. Some were showing thumbs up while some having depression of not able to be in the photo.


Out of nowhere, there is a special article in UTUSAN regarding the act of UTPian cheating on Utusan. It was published on last Saturday I think. So it was like an atomic bomb to UTP. From there there were a lot of blogpost, comment and article shown up just like the mushroom after a rainy day, related to UTP cheating on Utusan. Some were furious, some we cool headed, some were dumb and some just don't contribute.


To be honest. I did not find the act of the student wrong. It was a major LOL for UTP students. Despite the elaboration of some of the lengthy article I still find the act was a great trick. Good job btw. But when you think about it deeply, in an open mind, yes the student does commit a sin, which is cheating but it does not stop there. The Utusan as well have commit a sin. They did not do their job properly. The sin for eating up salary without doing job properly. Read up.

If you read more, this is not the first time students cheating newspaper to get their local group photo into the special column. In fact it have been practiced by many university and colleges before this. It just there are many people sharing the news which results in the spotlight of UTP in the newspaper few days back.

Come on they are students. Students, well not all of them are nerd. If you happen to read FOA article (click) then you know there are many University that pull out prank to others, heck some of the prank are major, news coverage like major.

I also don't like the fact that Utusan pointing finger at us UTP for the prank. Mind you we are not the one that approve or editing the picture to be in the newspaper. We just send them with some hope it might slip through. Lucky us it went smoothly. This is a sign that the editor is not doing their job properly. I get it you have deadline and other nonsense to do but bear in mind, doing a job means doing a job. People don't care if you did not sleep, shower or eat, they just want a well done job. A person once said to me, don't find excuses, find a way.

All and all, there is no point arguing. What past is past. All we need to do is learn from the past. The conclusion is simple, UTP are the one to blame and Utusan also needed to be blame. Then people will no longer pointing which is good or not. So let us become friends again shall we??

btw a small suggestion, why not give us, the local student some chance to send photo for Hari Raya as well?? Then we solve the issue.

this is my summary that I post in Iluvislam

sebenarnya dua dua pihak bersalah dan patut buat refleksi diri semula. budak utp kena refleks balik apa yg derang buat dan pihak utusan kena refleks macam mana mereka boleh terlepas pandang. habis cerita, tak tuding jari dekat siapa2.

tapi honestly ak rasa budak utp hanya menunjukan kelemahan sistem dalam utusan jer dan... juga untuk hiburan ;p lain kali perlu jugak uni kt malaysia ni buat salam universiti. baru budak uni dekat malaysia terasa bangga blajar dekat malaysia. peace :)

i really need to do a backbone for my next lengthy post. It was not organized at all :P

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