Sunday, September 28, 2014

Plan that rise from the ashes.

After a long hiatus on this blog, here I am again. 

Just so you know, I’ve been very busy with final year (yerr rightt) and that would be the main reason for this long hiatus. Secondly I lost that sensation in writing blog again. Nowadays it is easier to just tweet or just write up a status about anything we encounter in life. So I’m done with my degree now and waiting for Convocation on middle of October 2014. My last semester result has come out and all praised to Allah, I managed to get my targeted pointer for this final semester. Having manage to climb up from 2nd class lower to 2nd class upper, man, im more than grateful for all this good news. Enough about this, lets get back to the main topic.

If you did not follow my instagram/ twitter account you might not notice that im on a solo-mission of backpacking around Peninsular Malaysia. By the time I’ve post this online, im sure I already completed my journey and have a good night sleep at home.

I got this thing of traveling throughout the peninsular back before my internship begins but at that time, I planned on going with few of my colleague. Long story short, the plan did not work out. We have too many ideas, to many conflict and in the end, the plan crumbles and disappear into thin air.
So during my final exam week, I had this thought, much similar to any other student, instead of focusing on final exam, we are much more excited to plan on what to do after the exam ends. Some have great travel plan, some have their own bucket list to complete and some, well, some just stay quiet because they are broke. Haha.

So after putting some thought, I decided to go on with the peninsular trip. I began with listing out each and every attraction in each city. Most of the information is retrieved from Google, travel blog, TripAdvisor and friends. At this particular time, budget is still not the main concern because I have saved some money specifically to be used for any travel plan after I finish my study. It wasn’t much but I think I can survive with it.

Once the research is done, next is to contact friends and family of contact in each city for their assistant in traveling in the city. Before the trip begins, I already accept the fact that I will do most of the traveling on foot. Because of that I have listed down only places that are within 10km radius from the city center.  That was the initial plan. But after getting in contact with some close and long lost friend, I managed to ask them to assist me in this journey. Their help is forever will be in my dept. At this time, I was more excited to plan the trip rather than studying for my final exam. Sure there are times where I’m scared of the fact of travelling all by myself and thinking of putting of the plan but in the end I muster up my courage and just let the plan goes.

Here are the stuff that I carried together for the first half of the trip

Deuter Trans Alpine 30L
EASTPAK Out of Office Backpack
Camera Gear
Canon 450D + 17-70mm f/2.8-4 OS USM
China-made 120 degree sportscam + 32 GB micro-SD
1x extra battery for dslr
Cheap tripod
Sunglass + Glasses
Timex Expedition watch
2x collar Tee
2x collar shirt
1x sweater/windbreaker/raincoat
2x roundneck Tee microfiber
1x long sleeve shirt
2x pair of khakis
1x shorts
1x Kain Pelikat
3x boxer
1x pair of socks
1x Bath Towel

Acer aspire one (netbook) + charger
16000 mAh powerbank + cables
3 hardbound books (for fyp submission) – first half journey only
4 text book – ridiculous I know, but I need to sell them for monehhh ;)
1x logbook
1x reading material
1x waterproof case for smartphone
Set of medicine for emergency
1x Powergel for emergency
2x torchlight (one on each bag)
2x Multitool (one on each bag)
1x pair of shoe laces (I don’t know why, probably for emergency case)
1x cellophane tape (misplace inside bag)

And on the night of 12th September, I embark on a self-journey around Peninsular Malaysia. Next post will be all about Kelantan :)

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