Friday, January 3, 2014

The year 2013.


A year has pass by and this year has though me many things, especially in life as well as the growing up process. This year, (and just like any year) felt short, probably cause i really enjoy my time? Well, for some part, yes. Some stage in this year felt rather short. Like seriously short. Especially the first 4-month of my internship. Nevertheless, 2013 has been an amazing year for me and looking back at my early 2013-resolution i can say, im proud of myself after all this time.

yes. my 2013 resolution.
 So yeah, some of it i managed to get it done,  like 5 finishing medals, B-license for big motorcycles, backpacking to Japan, and to meet new friends from events. and looking back, since 2013 was the year of preparation for internship and the real internship itself, my resolution of the year was a little blerghh.

But to jot down a few, these are my most joy-est, proudest, and most thankful experience i had in 2013.

MIROC2013 - Paintball robot competition.

It was my first time leading up a team of skills students for a paintball robot competition. It was fun, it was tiring, and it was stressful. My lack of leadership skills does show here and then but ultimately, it help me realize that i can improve my leadership skills. I get a better understanding of teamwork, not that i don't know before, but i learn how badly a teamwork is importance in making a project or a plan working.

LIMA'13 - 2nd times though

Yes. The Langkawi Internation Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition 2013. Oddly it took place early in March, unlike it previous year, since they think its a good idea to find a date that does not clashes/ too close to another aerospace exhibition(which will jeopardize the investor/ exhibitors.) Well like i said, its my second time, and this time im just acting as a volunteer, with no real volunteer job. haha. To be frank, this one wasn't as fun as last 2 years, probably because this time there are more people, new people coming in as volunteer and majority of them come in group, which in reality, impose a problem for any solo and out of nowhere guy like me to join in the group. But cheer up, there is always sunlight at the end of the tunnel(unless its night.) I've met some great friends, some old great friends and some great new friends, and im thankful for our meetings. and really, i do hope to see you guys again. Next LIMA perhaps?

The Internships.

Me. Skin. Sham. Sakinah. Yana. Fizi. Muizz. Lin. Muhaimin. Nisrin. Ainuddin.  These are the people that i never imagine hanging out, share a laughter, work together and during this times, i'm really thankful for their presence in my internship. I've known some of them previously but i've never though we could be close and truly, im thankful for all of you.

and for my supervisor, Wak Khalid, thank you for everything. Word are not enough for me to describe your help during this internship.

The whole experience of working at a offshore oil platform, well, i didn't get that experience. Instead, i got the whole experience of working at an Onshore gas platform, something that i'm very much excited to go although at first i don't have any interest in. But over time, i've seen how the process goes, i know where my interest can be place inside the Oil&Gas industry. And InsyaAllah, i'll try my best to go that way.

The backpacking trip/ sponsored trip, Japan.

You know, i've imagined to be to Japan. Long ago. Alhamdulillah i was given the chance to. And its one of thing that im grateful of this year. p/s: wait for the next write up. more post coming in.

The completed runs.

I'm truly proud of these achievement. the training, the effort, the pain, the joy, the sweat, everything was worth it when that medal is in your hand. Hey, im not beating any national record or anything, but at least im doing something to improve my overall physical health.

You know what, there are lots of thing that happen in 2013. And that because we live, as long as we live this short life we had, there will always be moments, moments to cherish, moments that makes you cried, moments of joy, and sometimes there is no moments. But apart from all of that, Alhamdulillah for this great and awesome year, each and every one of you make me who i am today.

2013. Signing off.

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