Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Windows of update

Salam and good evening.

Yes. yes. Im finally back from the land of the internet-less. Well not really! Its just that i just found a place where i can use the internet freely without paying a cent. And the source is coming just besides my rental room. In my landlord house! aha!

A lot of things has occured these past few month since i last wrote. Lots of things happen. Lots of distance and new experience to share.  Doing my first 16K run, riding a BMW5 series at the racetrack, meeting homeboy racer at the land of sunrise and many more! I promise, once i get back to Subang after this internship ends, i'll try my best to wrote all of it here again. Im also thinking of redesigning the whole blog, to make it last even longer.

Just watch this space. I'll be back!

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